The Lebanon Humanitarian INGO Forum (LHIF) is an informal, independent coordinating body comprised of 65 International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) who are working to address the needs of vulnerable individuals, families and communities throughout Lebanon. LHIF is represented by a Country Coordinator and an elected Steering Committee and supported by a full-time Secretariat.


The purpose of LHIF is to facilitate our members' work by efficiently and effectively addressing key issues of common interest. LHIF facilitates coordination among members by identifying and analyzing strategic issues and their implications to allow informed decision-making; advocating for common positions with a unified and consistent voice to influence policy and decision making; engaging and representing the forum with external stakeholders; and sharing information. LHIF also facilitates the representation of INGOs in response leadership bodies and works to enhance engagement of NGOs in response planning and coordination mechanisms.

LHIF is generously funded by the Swedish International Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Swiss Cooperation Office in Lebanon (SDC), European Commission in Beirut (ECHO) and the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF).